But wait! There's more!!!

But wait! There's more!!!

Postby Crosley » Sun Sep 30, 2018 9:54 pm

If we all live long enough, we may see EVERYTHING in MLB. With tomorrow's twin tiebreaker games, our NL leagues will not complete their seasons until those games have been played. In some leagues, this will likely not have a great effect on first place, but in 2-3 leagues, who knows?? To wit:

    STANDINGS through 09.30.18
      (last updated at 20:39:44 EDT)

    ## Schmohawks East --- 76 pts
    Sandbaggers --- 72 pts

    Bleacher Creatures --- 69.5 pts
    STANDINGS through 09.30.18
      (last updated at 20:48:33 EDT)

    Dynasty --- 87 pts
    JEDI --- 77 pts
    STANDINGS through 09.30.18
    (last updated at 20:49:59 EDT)

    ## Captain Bill Erwin Post No. 337 --- 71 pts
    Metropolitans --- 65 pts
    Sandbaggers --- 63.5 pts

    Honkbal Hoofdklasse 60 pts
    STANDINGS through 09.30.18
      (last updated at 20:51:00 EDT)

    Boston Bees --- 78 pts
    OWNERLESS --- 68 pts
    Eat at Joe's Bar and Grill --- 67 pts
    STANDINGS through 09.30.18
    (last updated at 20:52:24 EDT)

    LURK --- 83 pts
    Bleacher Creatures --- 72 pts
    Sandbaggers --- 68.5 pts
    STANDINGS through 09.30.18
    (last updated at 20:53:17 EDT)

    ## Bleacher Creatures --- 76 pts
    Dynasty --- 75 pts

## - currently would win the standings tiebreaker (higher rank in the most categories)

Because Monday's games are counted as regular season games in MLB, the stats from those games WILL be counted in our standings. In Uecker, Bleacher Creatures's roster features 9 position players and as many as 7 pitchers who could participate tomorrow; Dynasty counters with 7 and 5. In Banks, things aren't so crazy. Schmohawks have 3 position players and 1 pitcher potentially involved; Sandbaggers have 6 and 1. In Clemente, Captain Bill Erwin Post has 8 hitters and 5 pitchers; the Metropolitans could field 7 and 5; Sandbaggers (them again?) have 4 and 4.

If you're interested as tomorrow's games progress, don't forget the Live Standings feature at OnRoto (under 'Live Scoring' in the League Pages menu)!
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