Congratulations to...

Congratulations to...

Postby Crosley » Sun Oct 02, 2016 10:06 pm

...the Sapphire Sox! Never could figure out a way to get the Quicksteps within striking distance - well done, Geoff!
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Re: Congratulations to...

Postby Steve Shiffrin » Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:08 am

Well done Geoff. And kudos to the Schmohawks for pushing him.
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Re: Congratulations to...

Postby EdMcGranahan » Mon Oct 03, 2016 10:27 am

Deep respect to Geoff's team from the fading Homeys
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Re: Congratulations to...

Postby geoflin » Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:33 pm

Thanks. So many categories were so close, I kept checking regularly the last week, even though I had a decent lead it always seemed in jeopardy. It feels good to get a win in this, my fourth year at Mocksports. Hopefully the first isn't the last.
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Re: Congratulations to...

Postby koufax96 » Tue Oct 04, 2016 5:01 pm

Congratulations to the Sapphire Sox. And thanks to Steve for noticing our modest late season run.
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Re: Congratulations to...

Postby Rick Smetana » Wed Oct 05, 2016 2:33 pm

Great Job Geoff!
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