Avoiding Chaos in FAAB?

Avoiding Chaos in FAAB?

Postby Crosley » Fri Jun 17, 2016 10:27 pm

We're at that time of the season when, with the Super Two "deadline" passing, teams will begin to dip into their farm systems and bring up new talent (i.e., players we're never seen before). In some cases, these promotions will be short-lived. (I'm looking at you, Cody Reed.) Under the circumstances, I thought it might be helpful to remind everyone about a couple of points related to FAAB bidding that come into play in such situations.

The OFFICIAL date on which a player becomes active for Mocksports purposes is the date that appears on OnRoto's MLB Transactions page. OnRoto transactions are usually a day behind (e.g., June 16 transactions will not be posted by OnRoto until June 17), but will have the correct effective date. Even if authoritative sources in the real world have announced an impending transaction, bids should not be submitted with a Mocksports effective date prior to what will be the official MLB (OnRoto-determined) transaction date. If issues arise regarding transaction dates (such as occurred earlier this season with James Shields' move to Chicago), the Commish will rule on each such case and post the information in either the FBB 2016 forum, individual league forums, or both.

Players are frequently recalled to the majors for a single day, which can result in two OnRoto transactions on the same date - the promotion and demotion appearing together in such a case. For Mocksports purposes, OnRoto's promotion transaction will be considered effective on the date posted; the second OnRoto transaction of the pair will be considered effective on the following day. For example, Jeff Greenhalgh is recalled by Pittsburgh effective June 19 to start a game against the Cubs. After that game, Greenhalgh is sent back to Triple A rather than returning home with the Pirates. Even though both moves would appear on OnRoto as June 19 transactions, Greenhalgh is only available to claim effective June 19 and can only be reserved effective June 20 or later. This is basically the only case in which the OnRoto date is NOT the last word in determining a player's active status.

The Greenhalgh example also can be used to illustrate a nuance of the FAAB process that I don't think is yet documented in the Mocksports rules. When a player is subject to FAAB bidding, but is demoted, released or otherwise becomes inactive BEFORE the 58 (or 48) hour period has ended, bidding ends effective on the day of the inactivation. The highest bid submitted as of the inactivation date wins the player. (We have also had an example of this situation this season - Jameson Taillon, who was sent back to Triple A the day after his first start.) Using my hypothetical again, two FAAB bids are placed on Greenhalgh effective June 19 - DAWG bids $4 and LADO bids $9. On June 20, Section 435 bids $11 AND Greenhalgh's demotion takes effect. The $11 bid is ignored (damn it, late again!!) and LADO wins the player, with the auction ending immediately.

Finally, remember also that, because many of a team's top prospects were invited to spring training and were thus available during our auctions, some of the "new" players appearing in the next days and weeks will already be owned in Mocksports leagues. A quick check of the available players lists in your league may save you some time.

Any questions about the above can posted here, or sent by PM to me or to the Commish.
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