Sparky - Automation Vote

Shall Sparky rely on the stat site for transaction processing?

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Sparky - Automation Vote

Postby ShaneVG » Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:27 pm

I still haven't seen the finished product, but OnRoto is certainly willing to work with us, so while I can't guarantee things will run smoothly right off the bat, I'm sure everything will be working properly after a few tweaks.

One of the problems in allowing the stat site to handle all roster moves (which is what I mean by "automating") is that everything will have to be systematic - we won't have as much flexibility as we usually do. LA judgement won't be able to come in to play.

1) The most obvious change will be the elimination of the September rules for automated leagues. We can't completely change everything for the last month.

2 ) The site's automated free agent bidding system is set up for daily transactions. We will maintain our 48-hour window, with three adjustments.
1 - newly available players will not be available to be bid upon for the first day of availability
2 - we will no longer have different expiration times for released players and other newly available players
3 - I don't think our clock will expire at Midnight Eastern (although I do not know this for certain yet)

3) Trades will have to be balanced, as per our rules. We have used LA discretion to allow claims/releases to balance trades, but this won't be allowed with the automated process. Owners will need to discuss acquisitions/releases during the negotiating process, just like in the ol' days.

It looks like those three items are the primary changes that we'd have to make to accommodate the automation. But as indicated, more things might have to be tweaked.

I'm going to place polls in each league. The first poll will be if the league wants to automate. The second poll would be for the non-FAAB leagues to ask if they want to FAAB. If a league automates, they'll automatically accept FAAB as well.

FAAB Budget
BTW, the FAAB budget for this next year will be $60. I'm also not sure if FAAB dollars will be allowed to be traded (I'm hoping the LAs can adjust FAAB budgets, which would then mean a message to the LA to move the dollars would be all that would be required).

We are going to use OnRoto as the source of our Real Transactions, for both automated and manual leagues. The waiver wire will list the players that are available to be claimed.
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Postby ShaneVG » Sat Mar 16, 2013 11:25 pm

And Sparky will go with owner-submitted transactions!

Thanks, guys!
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