Stretch Run Rules!

Stretch Run Rules!

Postby Crosley » Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:06 pm

Effective September 1, Mocksports' legendary Stretch Run rules will apply:

    5.12 Stretch Run Roster
    Beginning September 1st, the role of a team's reserve list changes to that of a "bench".

    5.12.1 Autowaivers are not applicable during this period. Players on the reserve list may remain there for the balance of the season.

    5.12.2 Players on a team’s active roster may be reserved without cause, provided a reserve list player who is on an active roster in the appropriate league is activated. Such transactions do not result in a charge.
    This means that players active IN THE AL can be moved between your active roster and your "bench" without incurring a charged transaction.

    5.12.3 Free agents can be claimed and added to a team’s active roster or reserve list, in two situations:
    a) When reserving a player who has been removed from the active roster of the applicable MLB League, a free agent can be claimed without a charge.
    No change here from the regular season for players removed from an AL roster.

    b) When releasing a player who has not been removed from the active roster of the applicable MLB League, a free agent can be claimed as a charge.
    The rules do not explicitly address the situation, but the universal interpretation of this clause allows an owner to waive an active player directly from the "bench" without going through the motions of activating him, waiving him and then claiming a replacement player. Two important things to note here: First, positioning DOES NOT matter when waiving a reserved player to claim a new player - i.e., a reserved pitcher can be waived in order to claim a first baseman to the Reserve List, etc. Second, only an ACTIVE AL player can be waived, whether he is on the active roster or the "bench". This means that a player who 1) has already been reserved and 2) is inactive at the time of the waiver CANNOT BE WAIVED through this process; i.e., no "double-dipping".

PLEASE ask questions if you have them. Many of us have been active in these forums so long we actually understand this stuff...
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