Auction Tonight!

Auction Tonight!

Postby Joe Izzo » Thu Mar 26, 2015 6:32 am

Hopefully you've had a chance to test the chat room links for tonight.

Here's a helpful post by Shane
We have two different web interfaces for the conference rooms. The Flash room seems to be the most reliable.

Flash Interface - Do enter your team name and order (TEAM-02 - numbers cannot be first) in the initial window. Leave the password blank.

Java Interface - Do not enter anything in the initial screen. Let the room load, then enter the team name and order using two digits (such as TEAM-02)


I encourage everyone to try both of these options! It will be good to have alternatives.

There also seems to be a "back door" at - Enter your TEAM-02 as the nickname, leave the password blank, and then change the room to #Mocksports. Hit "Connect" This is a much more basic interface, but should get the job done. TEST THIS LINK! PREPARE TO USE THIS IF THERE ARE PROBLEMS WITH THE MOCKSPORTS PAGES!!!

If you have time, you might want to play it safe and just download mIRC:
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