2014 Available Player Lists

2014 Available Player Lists

Postby Crosley » Tue Mar 11, 2014 11:55 pm

Available player lists for auctions are up in the ‘FBB Auction Available Players’ forum:


PITCHERS - http://forums.mocksports.com/phpbb/view ... hp?t=16250
DH - http://forums.mocksports.com/phpbb/view ... hp?t=16243
OUTFIELDERS - http://forums.mocksports.com/phpbb/view ... hp?t=16249
THIRD BASEMEN - http://forums.mocksports.com/phpbb/view ... hp?t=16248
SHORTSTOPS - http://forums.mocksports.com/phpbb/view ... hp?t=16247
SECOND BASEMEN - http://forums.mocksports.com/phpbb/view ... hp?t=16246
FIRST BASEMEN - http://forums.mocksports.com/phpbb/view ... hp?t=16245
CATCHERS - http://forums.mocksports.com/phpbb/view ... hp?t=16244

These lists are essentially final except for the correction of errors prior to the first 2014 auction. Additions to the lists are at the discretion of the Commish.

Contact me in this thread or by PM with any necessary corrections.
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Postby EdMcGranahan » Wed Mar 19, 2014 11:26 pm

Bogaerts appeared in 18 games last season, playing 9 at 3B and 8 at SS. I realize the rule stipulates he's eligible a position after playing 20 games or at the position at which he played most.

As samplings go, 17 games split 9-8 doesn't seem a fair sampling to make a minor league SS only 3B eligible. May I ask for relief?
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Postby Rick Smetana » Thu Mar 20, 2014 7:19 am

The rule states that a minor league player who has not achieved 20 games at a position, he will be assigned the position where he appeared most, so he is assigned as a 3B by only game. He becomes a SS after appearing in five games at SS.
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